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Traditional Thai Massage

If you have migraine symptoms or experience tension headaches, a traditional Thai massage may help ease your symptoms.

In several small studies involving patients with chronic headaches, researchers found that Thai massage reduced the intensity of both migraine symptoms and tension headaches.

If you’re interested in trying nonpharmaceutical remedies for headache relief, it’s worth noting that researchers concluded that the benefits of Thai massage could last anywhere from several days to around 15 weeks.  Family Thai Massage has experienced therapist to help refresh, restore and revitalize your mind and body.

Traditional Thai Massage

Our Approach

Thai massage may be an effective, nonpharmaceutical means of reducing back pain.

ResearchersTrusted Source in Thailand studied the effects of Thai massage on a group of 120 people with nonspecific low back pain. Half the test group was treated with Thai massage and the rest with other conservative management techniques that included joint mobilization (a technique that involves applying pressure), hot packs, and manual stretching to painful areas.

Both groups were treated twice a week for 4 weeks, and both groups had significant pain relief.

Other studiesTrusted Source have found that Thai massage reduces back pain associated with trigger points — tight, painful muscle clusters — in the upper back.  Book an appointment with Family Thai Massage to experience the benefits of an authentic Thai Massage today.

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